Yorkshire Burrito

Sunday Roast

The Great British Sunday Roast. An institution. A bulldog with bad teeth, playing football in a three-piece Union Jack suit with Sean Bean and the Queen is still less British…

There are times in life when you develop an itch that only a roast dinner can scratch. Soft beef, crispy roasties and, the star of the show, Yorkshire puddings sodden with deliciously rich gravy have the power to cure the most severe of ailments. Hunger? Laters. Hangover? Gone. Leprosy? Not quite, but you get the point…

Yorkshire Burrito’s mission is to take the roast out of its Sunday comfort zone and deliver it in all its deliciousness to the masses.

Our Story

“Having spent many years in catering (most recently in street food), I was frustrated at how few offerings there were in the way of British cuisine. In a time where you can sample delicious food from every corner of the globe in one tiny market, it seemed a crying shame to see so little celebration of something we do better than anywhere else in the world.

Born and bred in York, and with strong memories of ‘Roast dinner in a giant Yorkshire Pudding’ pub lunches, it seemed to me a logical step to bring the Great British Roast to the streets. With big ol’ Yorkshires and a little wrapping wizardry, our aim is to bring the humble roast (arguably Britain’s most iconic culinary achievement) to people in a way they can eat on the go, any time. And so it was that Yorkshire Burrito came to be.”

– Henry


Our philosophy is simple: to celebrate the Sunday roast and all the trimmings in  a way that can be enjoyed anywhere, not just at home or down the pub. Featuring heavily in this celebration will always be the humble Yorkshire Pudding, infinitely better than sliced bread and invented way before. We eat, sleep and breathe the roast, cut us and we bleed gravy (although unfortunately it’s too thick to use in our cooking).

From traditional roast fodder such as beef, chicken, pork, crackling, stuffing, roast potatoes etc. to more refined modern interpretations of the classics that feature on our pub menu, our food changes with the seasons to bring you the best of British all year round.


Contact & Events

We’re available to cater a number of events including weddings, private parties, corporate events and festivals.

No job is too big or small so if you’re hosting a bar mitzvah, wake or getting out of jail party, but you haven’t the foggiest how you’re going to cater for all these ravenous rabbis, munchie-ridden mourners and edacious ex-cons, fear not, we’ve got you covered. And your table covered. With food. Get in touch.

For more information on events bookings or general enquiries contact us on the address below. Let us know when, where and how many guests you expect and we’ll get back to you right away: